Doing life together

Lifegroups are an essential part of connecting and growing at Colonial Hills Church. They are made up of people of diverse backgrounds, experiences and gifts. Lifegroups are developed for people at all different stages of spiritual growth. CHC lifegroups have two primary purposes:


To Help People Get Connected

One of the keys to spiritual growth is to be connected to others who are also pursuing Christ. Community helps each of us to grow in our own relationships with Jesus and to help others as they grow in Him. Through life's ups and downs, successes and failures, joys and sorrows, life is best lived together in Christian community.


To Help People Take Their Next Spiritual Steps

For some, a "next spiritual step" may be to come to faith in Christ. For others, it may be learning more about a walk with Christ. For all of us, it is learning to live out what we learn. Our LifeGroup family provides encouragement and accountability as we take those steps in our spiritual growth.


¿Hablas Español? ¡Nosotros También!

Ven y únete a uno de nuestros grupos de estudio. Viernes o domingo, tú eliges. Aprende desde la Biblia, lo que Dios tiene para tu vida.

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