Everybody has hurts, habits and hang-ups, but few people have healing. Most people think they can handle their problems on their own, but few people do. We believe that Jesus Christ can heal and restore our lives. We offer several recovery groups to help people find healing. 

Celebrate Recovery is a 12-step recovery program that is Christ-centered, Biblically driven and relationally friendly. Celebrate Recovery deals with co-dependency, anxiety, depression, anger, abuse, alcohol, drugs, pornography, control and every other problem we face in this life. Celebrate Recovery is a safe place for you to be accepted and to focus on progress not perfection. 

At Celebrate Recovery we learn about ourselves and about our problems, and what God has to say about our problems. We use God's Word as our guidepost. 

No matter what you are struggling with or facing today, there is Hope. God's Word has a solution. Come and find out for yourself what God has to say about our past, present and future and begin the healing process.We don't heal in isolation. Experience true freedom in Redemptive Community.


Experience the Love of Christ in Action Every Friday Night


What Celebrate Recovery IS: 

  • A safe place to share. 
  • A refuge. A place of belonging. 
  • A place to care for others and to be cared for. 
  • Where respect is given to each member. 
  • Where confidentiality is highly regarded. 
  • A place to learn.
  • A place to demonstrate genuine love. 
  • A place to grow and become strong again. 
  • A place for progress. 
  • Where you can take off your mask and allow others to know who you are. 
  • A place for healthy challenges and healthy risks. 
  • A possible turning point in your life.


What Celebrate Recovery IS NOT: 

  • A place for selfish control. 
  • Therapy. 
  • A place for secrets. 
  • A place to look for a dating relationship. 
  • A place to rescue or be rescued by others. 
  • A place for perfection. 
  • A place to judge others. 
  • A quick fix.

Location & contact info

CHC Southaven - GO Center  -   7701 Highway 51 N, Southaven  -  Fridays - 6:00pm

Stacy Dodd - Celebrate Recovery Director  -  901.484.8429 - stacy.dodd@mychc.tv